The Best Golf GPS Units 2013


What is the Best Golf GPS in 2013?

New Golf GPS models are being released every week and it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure "what is the best golf GPS unit?" You could ask someone at the golf store, but they may just try and push the most expensive unit to reach their daily sales quota.

You can also look at the multitude of articles online, but you do not know if that info is up to date and relevant to you right now.

Well, fortunately, we have tried and tested countless numbers of these golf gps gadgets, and have narrowed things down to our top 3 choices. We will update this list if any new GPS models should bump the top 3 here, but for now (may 25th 2013) - we are current.

So, let's take a look at these 3 best golf GPS units that make life on the field even more fun.

Garmin Approach G6 Touchscreen Golf GPS

The Approach G6 by Garmin is a really slick GPS device. There are no buttons;  you simply use the touchscreen to choose your options. This gives the GPS a very modern and up-to-date feel and is a clear sign that Garmin use cutting edge technology. The unit is waterproof and very durable and features 25,000+ world-wide pre-loaded courses, and each map contains all greens, fairways and hazards. Loading the course could not be easier - just walk to the 1st tee and the course automatically loads! All course and updates are free too, no subscription fees necessary.

The Approach G6's best feature is definitely the touchscreen. Touch any spot on the course and it will tell you the distance to that spot from where you are standing. You can also change flag locations on the green to where the flag may be on any given day. This way you get a more exact distance.

This great offering by Garmin comes in a nice, convenient, compact size with a 2.6" display.

To Conclude:

If you want all the top features in your golf GPS unit then the Garmin G6 should be top of your list. This device features endless (and very functional) bells and whistles that a very simple and intuitive to use, and the touchscreen lets you pinpoint distances that other GPS units simply cannot.
The Voice Golf GPS by GolfBuddy

GolfBuddy's Voice Golf GPS Rangefinder displays not only distances to holes - it speaks too! Just press the "speak button" and this GPS tells you how many yards it is to the hole. This makes the GolfBuddy GPS the perfect option for those that like to walk while playing and need something small and easy to carry around. This little fellow is just 1.7 x 1.7" and weighs only 1 ounce!

It clips easily onto your belt, and because it weighs so little and is so small you can even clip it onto your hat. No subscription is necessary and it comes with 35,000+ courses pre-loaded. This GPS is actually one of the most popular models in the market.

To Conclude:
If you need a light weight, small, easy to use GPS for playing golf that provides distances to the back, center, and front of greens, then this GolfBuddy fits the bill perfectly. At under $150, this compact talking GPS is a steal.
The SGX Golf GPS by SkyCaddie

The SkyCaddie SGX GPS is undoubtedly a pack leader when it comes to Golf GPS units. It can hold 30,000 preloaded courses, has a sleek, durable design, making it super easy to use. The 3", TFT-LCD transflective screen provides brilliant color, even in intense sunlight.

The SkyCaddie Company has been one of the leading names in golf GPS rangefinders for over a decade and with the SGX you will certainly see why. This SkyCaddie offers easy 1-handed operation and ultra-accurate distances with its Precision Positioning TruePoint GPS Technology. In fact it is one of the most accurate golf GPS units.

To Conclude: This GPS has all that you need and for a reasonable price tag. For those of you who can live without a touchscreen, the SGX could be your best option. It has more features than you would ever use and from a revered brand.